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Everyone has the right to live to their full potential

Everyone has the right to live to their full potential

  • To be able to break old habits that are holding us back.

  • To have better relationships with our family and friends.

  • To have better conversations with ourselves.

  • To live life without stress.

  • To be free and happy.

If people can live to their full potential then they create a better life
for themselves and those around them.

Hi, I’m Terri. I know what it's like to feel that there should be more to life than this.

I have experienced many traumatic events throughout my life; as a child and as an adult, in school, in marriage and in motherhood. Failed careers and businesses, failed marriages and relationships.

Having never ever received any help with any of my issues I went down the road of self-help for many years. Yes it helped but it never really healed what lay beneath.

The final trigger came in April 2019 when my world as I knew it fell apart. Through traditional therapy, I managed to come out the other side.

Terri Newman

However, my real journey of discovery didn’t begin until I came across Marisa Peer and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), that is when I truly started to heal myself.

Going through that healing, I began to realise just how much pain and suffering goes on in people's everyday lives, everywhere. It's heartbreaking because I've been there!

But it doesn't have to be that way; this is why I am so passionate about RTT and how it helps people, everyday people move on with their lives in a positive productive way. Helping people transform is a true blessing.

I help people eliminate emotional and physical pain from their life for good through Rapid Transformational Therapy.


Rapid Transformational Practitioner      Rapid Transformational Practitioner   Rapid Transformational Therapy

When you're ready to overcome unhelpful emotional blocks that are getting in the way of achieving your full potential Rapid Transformational Therapy gets to the root of the problem so you can get on with life!

First, book a discovery call. Overcome unhelpful emotional blocks that are getting in the way of achieving your full potential. And follow up with your daily RRT recording for the next 21 days to get faster results.

Let's talk about what you really want to achieve and how RTT can help you.


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"A young client I saw recently, wanted to be stress free around taking exams, to stop procrastinating, be more motivated to achieve her goals, to not worry about people liking her. She was also having problems sleeping.    She made remarkable progress over the proceeding months, flying through her exams stress free. Her confidence and self-esteem have taken a huge leap forward, she is now motivated about setting and achieving her goals, and her sleep patterns have improved dramatically. She has also noticed positive changes in lots of other areas of her life, which she was not expecting."

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From start to finish it’s all about you

From start to finish it's all about you

You have all the answers within you. My role is to create a safe and compassionate environment for you to discover the answers.

I believe that

  • Everyone has the right to live life to their full potential.

  • Self-awareness is the beginning of all wisdom.

  • In creating a better life for yourself, you create a better life for everyone around you.

Care and Support

Care & Support

I show love, kindness and concern for the well-being of others always

Trust and Integrity

Trust & Integrity

I gain trust and integrity through my actions and behaviours 

Positivity and Enthusiasm

Positivity & Enthusiasm

I always practise with a positive optimistic attitude towards outcomes

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