Burning Fat

  • Terri Newman

When it comes to weight reduction, mindset is everything.  In fact, numerous studies show that mindset covers 90% of all success.  Permanent weight reduction is always a slow and steady process because we are releasing fat, not just weight.  You need to encourage fat loss without forcing it, this allows the body to release fat at the pace it chooses.  It is a long-term approach, so you need to be patient with yourself.

To reduce weight, you also need to increase your muscle mass.  Low muscle mass gives a lower metabolism, so fat reduction is harder to maintain and more likely to cause you to regain any fat you have lost.  Ensure you have a regular daily/weekly exercise program.

How To Encourage Fat Reduction

You need to ditch the diet mentality and learn how to eat intuitively.  Remember diets are somebody else’s opinion of what YOU should eat.  Diets often include foods you are not familiar with and are most often restrictive and not balanced.

Diets do not allow you to respond to your own body’s hunger cues and they, more often than not, don’t fit in with your lifestyle or social schedule, making it even more of a chore.  Diets make you doubt yourself, which in turn ruins your self-esteem. 

FACT - 99% of weight loss diets fail to produce permanent weight loss

Learn To Eat Intuitively

No-one knows you like YOU!  You were born with the ability to know when to eat and how much to eat.  You need to reactivate that particular mechanism, by turning your focus inwards and listening to your body.  Know your own body signals that drive you to food.  Do you eat when you are tired, stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, bored or lonely.  Is it when you see food, or see others eating, or when you are frustrated?  Do you eat for comfort, or do advertisements drive you to eat.  Being able to distinguish between head hunger and tummy hunger is a must.

The 1 – 10 Hunger Scale (you ideally want to sit between 2 – 5)

10. I’m ready to burst (so full you feel sick)

9.   I’m absolutely FULL (you need to undo top button)

8.   I feel like an overstuffed cushion (you feel bloated)

7.   Uncomfortably full (you feel sluggish)

6.   FULL!!! Oops.  I shouldn’t have eaten that last mouthful

5.   Comfortably Full (and satisfied)

4.   I’m a bit peckish

3.   Starting to feel hungry (your stomach feels empty)

2.   Hey there I’m hungry (your tummy is rumbling)

1.   I’m absolutely ravenous (you feel nauseas and light-headed)

How To Get In Touch With Your Appetite

Eat 2-3 meals a day to regulate your natural appetite and be fully present and aware when you are eating.  Make it an exciting ritual, eat slowly and chew your food well (avoid chew chew swallow).  Choose whole, unprocessed foods, and allow your body enough time to tell you when it has had enough to eat, at least 20 minutes after eating.

How Big Is Your Stomach

Your stomach is the size of your fist when clenched.  To keep you feeling full for longer and assisting with weight management, you need a balance of Macros (Carbs, Protein, Fat), Micros (Vitamins and Minerals in vegetables, fruits and supplements. 

Carbs are energy but not all carbs are created equal.  Carbs are the preferred fuel source for every single cell and organ in your body, especially your brain.  Choose low GI Carbs which digest slowly and release glucose (sugar) into the body slowly, keeping you feeling full for longer assisting with weight management

We Eat Food

So many people get caught up focusing on specific nutrients like carbs or calcium, but we don’t eat a plate of carbs, or folate, or calcium or gluten.  We eat food so our focus needs to be on the entire intake, not individual nutrients.  So Low GI, High Fibre Carbs + Protein or Healthy Fat + Veggies.

Eat real food, not too much and mostly plants, remember 3 x R’s when it comes to choosing what food to eat.  Make sure your food is Recognisable, food you can eat Raw, and food that Roams or Rots.  Be a sensible, selective, moderate eater.  Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day.

How Can RTT Help

In our hearts, we all dream of living to our full potential; being confident and happy in our own body.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what life could be like without the limiting beliefs that hold us back, making us feel increasingly anxious, exhausted, and frustrated, especially when it comes to our weight, shape and size. 

Rapid Transformational Coaching helps turn this around to let you experience extraordinary results so you can live life to your full potential every day.

Book your FREE Discovery call with Terri www.calendly.com/terrinewmancoaching to discuss your needs and to see if RTT Coaching is a good fit for you.

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