Stop Smoking

  • Terri Newman

RTT Hypnotherapy is very effective for stopping smoking, but with any addiction issue, it is essential that the smoker is commitment to giving it up.  If they are being pressured into giving up by friends and family, treatment is much less likely to be effective.

With addiction, your mind will always try to move you away from pain and towards pleasure.  Smokers associate pleasure with smoking, and pain with not smoking.  The best way to stop smoking is to get the mind to link having a cigarette to pain and not having a cigarette to pleasure. 

Persistent smokers generally have one or more beliefs around smoking, that they are addicted to nicotine, that it helps them cope with stress or weight or boredom, and that they are not strong enough to quit or cope without it.  The fear of what may happen if they stop can often override the desire to quit. 

While nicotine does increase blood sugar levels and releases dopamine (the pleasure hormone), the fact that smokers can sleep for several hours a night without a cigarette and not show any signs of physical withdrawal, it is not a true addition.  If they can go several hours without smoking, they will be able to give it up completely.   

The aim is to link pain to smoking and make the smoker disinterested in smoking.  Disinterested enough that they can still be around people who smoke but remain neither disgusted by it or drawn to it.   The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.  Very few smokers want to smoke, while they might enjoy it, almost all smokers will acknowledge that it is bad for their health, is increasingly anti-social, and it comes at a huge financial cost. 

How Can RTT Help?

In our hearts, we all dream of living to our full potential; being confident and happy with our decisions in life.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what life could be like without the limiting beliefs that hold us back, making us feel increasingly anxious, exhausted, and frustrated, especially when it comes to our body, our health and our well-being. 

Rapid Transformational Coaching helps turn your life around to let you experience extraordinary results so you can live life to your full potential every day.

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