Helping Students Build Resilience and Self-Belief

  • Terri Newman

Does your teen need help to unleash their full potential in all areas of their life, from academic achievement to creative acknowledgement to sporting success? 

In our hearts, we all dream of living life to the full; being strong, confident, and happy.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what life could be like without the limiting beliefs that hold us back, as they make us feel increasingly anxious, exhausted, and frustrated with ourselves and our life. 

Rapid Transformational Coaching helps turn this around and allows teens to experience extraordinary results fast, so they can live life to their full potential each and every day. 

I had a young client recently who presented with high levels of stress and anxiety around school and exams.  She wanted to be stress free around taking exams, to stop procrastinating and be more motivated to achieve her goals, and to not worry about people liking her.  She was also having problems sleeping.  We examined the issues and all her thoughts and feelings around the issues, then we looked at how she wanted her life to be without the issues, what that would really look like to her. 

After examining the root cause of her stress and anxiety and finding out the role and purpose of the stress and anxiety in her life, she was then able to release the looping thoughts and beliefs that controlled her thinking about her stress and anxiety.  She was then able to create and install new thoughts and beliefs of how she really wanted her life to be going forward.  She made remarkable progress over the proceeding months, flying through her exams stress free.  Her confidence and self-esteem have taken a huge leap forward, she is now motivated about setting and achieving her goals, and her sleep patterns have improved dramatically.  She has also noticed positive changes in lots of other areas of her life, which she was not expecting.  Such is the knock-on effect of positive thoughts and beliefs.

Coaching is available for students 12-18years with parent/guardian consent.  Book a FREE Discovery call with Terri to discuss your teen’s needs and to see if RTT Coaching is a good fit for them.   

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